How it works

Le Pont's assistance program has a dual objective: to accompany you in your business and personal transition to Quebec, and to enable you to obtain your immigration status through our program.

Indeed, our service offer can be used in the context of immigration through the Entrepreneur Program, Stream 1.

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program, Stream 1

The Program allows you to come to Quebec to create and operate a business for which you have received a service offer from a Quebec-based incubator such as ours.

Your project can be carried out alone or with three other partners on the same project and the same immigration application.

This Quebec Immigration Program allows you to obtain the Quebec Selection Certificate, which can then be used for a work visa application and an application for permanent residence in Canada.

More on the program on the Government's website

Your project

To qualify for our support and for the Entrepreneurs Program, your project must be innovative.

The Quebec entrepreneurial ecosystem favours the creation of SMEs and start-ups with high growth potential that develop innovative solutions.

Technology is not the only innovative industry, so contact us to know more. Your project must be prepared and submitted to our Selection Committee for acceptance.

Our Assistance Program

Our program is pragmatic and starts in your country of origin, in order to create the links in Quebec allowing you to arrive with local knowledge and an established network. With our support, you will have everything you need for a successful transition.

Program phases